Dibind Return Policy


1. This Return Policy is governed by, and hereby incorporated by reference in, that certain Website Terms of Use Agreement (https://www.dibind.com/terms) (collectively called “Agreement”), which governs use of the Dibind web site at www.dibind.com (the “Site”). Each capitalized term used but not otherwise defined in this Return Policy shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in the Terms & Conditions document or such other document specified therein. To the extent any conflict exists between the terms of this Return Policy and those of the Buyer Participation Agreement, the terms of the Buyer Participation Agreement shall control.


2. Items ordered through the Site may be rejected or returned but only if when delivered to you the items:

  • a. Are not the items you ordered or

  • b.  Have material flaws, damages, or defects that were not listed or shown in the item description on the Site (Undisclosed Material Defects) and only if the return complies with all the requirements of this Return Policy. If for some reason you cannot return any item that you purchase through the Site in accordance with all such requirements, please contact Dibind, L.L.C. ("Dibind", "us", "we") at the email address shown at the bottom of this policy, and we will do our best to work out alternate arrangements with you.


3. Your satisfaction with each and every item that you purchase through the Site is of extreme importance to us. Therefore, please take the time to closely read and inspect all photos, images, descriptions, and other information provided on the Site in connection with any item that you want to purchase to better ensure that such item meets your requirements. If you have any questions about an item on the Site prior to deciding whether to purchase it, please contact us at the email address shown at the bottom of this policy, and we will be happy to help you in any way that we can in connection with your purchasing decision.

4. Upon receiving any item that you placed an order for through the Site, please inspect it closely to confirm that it is indeed the item you intended to order. We will provide you with a Delivery Inspection Sheet in which all of the specifications for the purchased item will be featured in order to expedite this process. If, while our delivery personnel are still at the delivery location, you find on initial inspection any material flaws, damages, or defects that were not listed or shown in the item description on the Site, please notify Dibind.

5. You will not be able to return any items you have purchased after reviewing, filling, and signing the Delivery Inspection Sheet free of charge. So, we urge you to thoroughly revise your Items upon receiving them and carefully inspect if there are any discrepancies between the Item’s description posted by the Seller and the Item’s actual condition. In addition:

  • a.  In no event shall any employees or other representatives of any third parties that perform services at the request or on behalf of Dibind in connection with this Return Policy, including without limitation any companies providing delivery, moving, shipping, or other transportation-related services, be deemed employees or representatives of Dibind.

  • b.  In no event shall Dibind be liable to any party for any acts or omissions of any such third parties or such third parties’ employees or other representatives.



6. Send all correspondence to contact@dibind.com