Dibind Delivery Policy

Depending on your preference, we have two different options for transporting your Items. You can either select to use Dibind Delivery, our in house shipping service to pickup and deliver your items from the Seller to the Buyer, or pick up the items yourself if this is more suitable for you. In both cases, we aim to make the shipping process as easy and affordable as possible.


Delivery Options

Within Dibind delivery, we offer different options. Prices vary depending on item size and quantity of items ordered. Delivery cost can be reviewed in checkout for most accurate pricing.


Delivery Method


Item Type



Estimated Delivery Time

Seller Responsibilities

Inspection Window

Dibind Delivery

Blanket-wrap pickup and delivery service. Transport between the Seller and the Buyer. Items are picked up, packed, delivered and unwrapped by trusted, trained service providers & Dibind agents.

Appropriate for large items, fragile items, or a large quantity of items.


Varies on quantity of items ordered, as well by the amount of itemos ordered from different Sellers

3-5 days

Ensure item is available & removable during pickup window

At time of delivery

Pick Up

Buyer is in charge of arranging pickup of his his/her purchased furniture from Seller(s). Dibind will provide the Buyer with the Seller’s address if he/she chooses this shipping method.

All types of items, ideally located near Buyer’s address.


No extra fee.

Buyer dependant.

Ensure item is available & removable during pickup window.

At time of pickup.



How do I find out the status of my shipment?

You will receive an email confirming the shipping date, the Delivery Agent’s Name and tracking number within 1-5 business days following your purchase.

For any other inquiries you can send us a note at contact@dibind.com referencing your order number. We will check on the status and get back to you shortly with a response.



Delivery Policy


  • 1.  This Delivery Policy is governed by, and hereby incorporated by reference in, that certain Website Terms of Use Agreement (https://www.dibind.com/terms) (collectively the "Agreement"), which governs use of the Dibind, Inc. ("Dibind") web site at https://www.dibind.com ("Site"). Each capitalized term used but not otherwise defined in this Delivery Policy shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in the Terms & Conditions document or such other document specified herein.

  • 2.  For all shipments of Items to Buyers pursuant to the Seller Participation Agreement, Dibind will either pick such items up, or arrange for the Buyers to pick up the items themselves, at Seller's location.

  • 3.  Seller shall pay for all shipping costs required to address any errors made by Seller or to properly fill any orders received from a Buyer for Goods that are unavailable for delivery due to Seller's acts or omissions or that do not meet Dibind's quality control standards or that have been misrepresented by Seller.

  • 4.  All delivery/shipping costs for any Goods purchased by the applicable Buyer but either rejected on inspection or later returned to Dibind will be the sole responsibility of such Buyer, except to the extent that Dibind determines, in its sole discretion, that the Seller failed to provide Dibind with information regarding such items as required by the Seller Participation Agreement, including with respect to any existing material defects; provided, however, that, in any event, Dibind will handle the delivery/shipping logistics for any such returns.

  • 5.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this Delivery Policy or the Terms & Conditions agreement:

    • a.  In no event shall any employees or other representatives of any third parties that perform services at the request or on behalf of Dibind in connection with this Delivery Policy, including without limitation any companies providing delivery, moving, shipping, or other transportation-related services, be deemed employees or representatives of Dibind.

    • b.  In no event shall Dibind be liable to any party for any acts or omissions of any such third parties or such third parties' employees or other representatives.


  • 6.  In the event that any Sellers or Buyers are responsible for any delivery/shipping logistics and/or costs therefore under this Delivery Policy and request Dibind to provide contact information for third party shipping companies with which Dibind had successful prior experiences, Dibind agrees to provide such information; provided, however, that:

    • a.  In no event shall Dibind be liable to any of the foregoing or any other party for any acts or omissions of any such third party shipping companies or their respective employees or other representatives.

    • b.  In no event shall any of the foregoing be obligated to use any such third party shipping companies.


  • 7.  In the event that either the Buyer or the Seller fails to uphold with the Delivery Policy and the Agreement , they will be subject to the following penalties specified in the Dibind Terms and Conditions (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WfTP-hnZX9LcDM736GVjJIqOvsjw3aKJFcKkBUyH79Y/edit)