Dibind Boomerang


Reprice, Repost, Resell

Sort out your move out as soon as you move in! Dibind Boomerang calculates the price your furniture will most likely sell for after you’re done using it. If you choose to enroll, we’ll repost your stuff 30 days before your lease expires, helping you sell your furniture without you needing to lift a finger.


Dibind Boomerang is here to make your life easier, and get you cash while it does so.

* By choosing to utilize Dibind Boomerang and resubmit the Items purchased at the end of the specified ownership period, the Buyer agrees and acknowledges that Dibind Boomerang is a price estimating tool, and in no way guarantees that the price suggested by the feature will result in the sale of the re-posted Item. By doing so, the Buyer also acknowledges that updating the Item’s conditions and appearance posted on the Site is the Buyer’s sole responsibility, and that failing to do so might lead to fees and penalties specified in the the Terms of Use. Dibind reserves the right to reject items that were set to be reposted through Dibind Boomerang if Dibind considers that the item is not in acceptable conditions.