6 Reasons Why College Grads are Loving Dibind

by: Omar Hernandez


     Congratulations! You’ve done it. You completed your college career, you’re done with all those all-nighters, papers, endless lab reports and the ever-haunting Capstone Project.

You’re DONE

     Or are you? Maybe school is over, but you’ve still have to figure out what to do with your stuff!

Remember moving in?

     The sweaty summer adventure that almost rendered you perpetually catatonic? Yep, it’s back again, but this time without the promise of long, fun-filled years of college independence.

     But don’t worry college graduates, we’ve figured it out. Start using Dibind! This is how they’ll end the nightmare before it begins:



by: Omar Hernandez

     If you’re in college and have decided to move off-campus, you’ve probably scoured the internet searching for the perfect couch that is both trendy AND affordable. After endless hours of searching online, you’ve probably realized that the only furniture you can afford comes in 10,000 parts and requires a week’s time to assemble. Not cool at all right?

     This is probably why Dibind is turning every college student’s head:


5 Tips for Moving in Boston on September 1st

by: Walter Cervantes

     Whether it's your first time moving in Boston or your zillionth, you know you are in for a hectic ride. Headaches will be suffered, tears will be shed (unfortunately I am not joking about this), and you'll be sore down to your core for the rest of the month.

    Boston is ruled by the September 1st lease cycle where basically the entire city is forced to relocate in one day. Tragedy is bound to happen when so many tightly-wound people are hurrying around town with their most prized possessions.

    I don't want you to suffer, so here are some tips to help your Boston move suck a little bit less:

“Save the World, one couch at a time” The Dibind Kickstarter Campaign

by: Kailla Millett

Dibind started its furniture revolution with the launch of its $10,000 Kickstarter Campaign last week.

5 Essentials you Need in your New College Apartment

by: Walter Cervantes

     Furnishing your new college apartment is both exciting and nerve-wrecking. Finding the perfect balance between coolness and affordability can be a lot harder than you think. Luckily for you, theDibind team is here to help!

     After asking the experts, they came up with the ultimate essentials list that every college student needs to equip their new place:

10 Neighborhoods Students Call Home in Boston

by: Walter Cervantes

     Boston offers a multitude of neighborhoods to choose from, and depending on your preferences for commuting time, how much you can afford, and what you like to do you can certainly find the right place! Here is an overview of different neighborhoods students are calling home.

The Serendipity of Co-Working Spaces

by: Kaila Millett

     Working in a start-up is a serendipitous experience where growth is learned through unexpected turns of events. Working alongside other start-ups facilitates this process by allowing continual conversation, advice and an atmosphere based upon sharing. The start-up community has been growing in Boston at an unprecedented rate as they begin to attract those who prioritize millennial values. Many of those who work in start-ups find that their effort is maximized as they can see their progress daily, rather than in larger corporations where small due diligence oftentimes goes unnoticed.

8 Ways To Make Your Apartment Feel Like A Home

by Kaila Millett

     Moving into a new apartment, or an apartment for the first time can be overwhelming. Apartments need many things, including dishes, pans, towels and furniture. After remembering all the big pieces it’s easy to forget all the little aspects that make your house feel like a home. Read below for some ideas on how to get adjusted to your new space, and how to make it as cozy as possible!

Dibind Gives Back

by: Kaila Millett

     The Dibind team went to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless Furniture Bank on September 20th to check out what parameters they require for donating to them! It was a successful day as we meet with Jennifer, the Furniture Bank delivery and drop-off coordinator, and Jorge, who works with scheduling clients with their caseworkers to come to the Furniture Bank.

What is your decorating style?