Can I use the same account if I am both a buyer and a seller?

Yes, the account is transferable so you can act as both the buyer and the seller.




What are the fees associated with Dibind?

Dibind takes a percentage out of the final sale of the item that only corresponds to the seller’s profits. This percentage is between 12-20%, depending on the size of the item and its selling price.


If the buyer cancels their purchase there will be a 20% penalty taken from the final price of the item. If the buyer decides they want to cancel their purchase after it has been delivered, there will be an additional delivery fee charged to the buyer to take it back to the seller.


How much should I charge for my item?

Dibind is here to support you! So if you’re having difficulty pricing your items we recommend that you compare your item with other items that are posted on Dibind. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to price your furniture between 20-40% of the price you originally paid depending on it’s condition and movability.


How do you guarantee quality of the items?

The Dibind team personally reviews every seller’s submission in order to guarantee quality of the products posted, and the price associated with their selling.  


What is the review process after I have posted my listing on Dibind?

Once the seller has submitted their listing to Dibind, the Dibind team takes a careful look at the quality and size of the item, the photos uploaded, and they compare these to the price they are asking. If they do not think the price is fair they will reach out to the seller to recommend a different price. However, if the Dibind team thinks it is fair they will automatically post it to the Dibind marketplace.


Can I edit my listings once I’ve already posted them?

Yes you can! However, keep in mind that every time you edit your listing they must be reviewed again.


Is Dibind offered in other cities besides Boston?

At the moment, Dibind is only available in Boston. However, there are plans to expand to other cities within the US so stay tuned!


What happens if the item purchased does not fit into the buyer’s building or apartment?

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the measurements of the item will fit in their building or apartment before they make the sale. If upon delivery, it is found that the item does not fit there is no refund available.


If I am buying something, can I try to bargain with the seller?

The buyer can submit a different offer to the seller, in which the seller can then either accept or decline this offer. There is no communication between the buyer and seller until after the sale has been completed.


What if I don’t find a buyer in time? (How does the donation work)

If you are a seller with a definitive move-out date and haven’t been able to sell your furniture before this date, we offer a free service in which you can donate your furniture to one of our partner charities.


Who am I donating my items to? Which charities do you work with? Can I get a tax deduction?

We currently have a partnership with the Mass Coalition for the Homeless, a nonprofit that takes donations for those who are transitioning from homelessness to permanency.

There is no tax deduction available for your donation at this time.


What are the delivery rates that you charge? Do I need to use your delivery services?

Our delivery rates change depending on the size of the item. Please see the table below:



COST ($)












It is not required to use our delivery services, and you may arrange with the buyer and/or seller to coordinate a different pick-up method.


What if something comes up and I cannot be there on the day of delivery?

If it is an option, please leave someone else who can open up the apartment and building for our delivery team. If not, please let us know as soon as possible in order to reschedule the delivery.


How do I schedule a delivery?

Once you have requested a delivery, the Dibind team will call you to schedule the delivery. We do same-day pick-ups and deliveries, so we can let you know the available dates at this time.


How does the delivery team verify items for pick-up?

The delivery team that we work with has an Inspection Form (similar to a checklist) that states all the details of the item. They will cross-reference the item they see to their checklist.


When I purchased my item, why wasn’t there a delivery option?

We require at least the sale to be within a week of the last date the seller has allowed for selling their item to guarantee delivery. If it is less than a week we are not able to offer the delivery service at this time.



Return Policy

What if the piece of furniture I receive is not as advertised?

An item can only be returned to the seller if the item is not what you ordered, or has damages that were not listed in the description. This agreement must be between the buyer and the seller, however, if the return is not agreed upon then the Dibind team may become involved.


Upon delivery the Dibind team provides a Delivery Inspection Sheet that will ask you to indicate all of the specifications for the purchased item and to state the condition it arrived in. Once the Delivery Inspection Sheet has been filed the sale is listed as complete and will not be able to be returned even if new damages are discovered. For this reason, we ask that you inspect each piece of furniture before the Delivery Inspection Sheet is completed.



Posting Rules for Sellers

1. Listings Must Include an Image

All posts must include a photo of the item you are wishing to sell. During the review process, if the Dibind team notices that a post does not have an image it will be automatically excluded from the marketplace. Multiple angles are preferable, but are not required.


2. Items Must be Located in Boston

The furniture must be already located within an acceptable distance from the center of Boston. At this time our marketplace will excludes the suburbs of Boston.


3. Do Not Post Personal Information

Do not post any personal information on your listing, including your full name, phone number or email.


4. Be Truthful in your Description

When posting your listing please be mindful to describe the furniture accurately, noting if there are any scratches, dents, discoloration, or any other significant damages. Remember to keep these damages in mind when pricing your piece.


Prohibited Items

Dibind is proud that our marketplace makes finding furniture easy and fun! For this reason we are keeping all selling items to strictly furniture and apartment decoration pieces. Please note that at this time we are not accepting any listings for mattresses.