About us

Dibind is an online community where you can seamlessly sell and buy previously-owned furniture in great condition, at even greater prices. We offer various pickup and delivery options to better suit your needs. Depending on size, quantity, and convenience, users can pick up furniture themselves, or have us deliver it. Dibind is the best way to cut your moving costs and avoid the hassles that make moving such a headache.

Dibind offers the easiest solution for people who don’t know what to do with their furniture. Moving out? Simply tell us when you want to have it picked up, in advance or on the spot, and we will find someone that’ll take that couch off your hands in no time. Dibind will solve your moving problems and get you cash in the process!



After finishing their Sophomore year in college, co-founders Mateo and Alvaro decided to move off campus. Once they found a suitable (yet overpriced) apartment, they realized that their moving expenses had only begun.


Furnishing their apartment resulted to be an absolute nightmare. Spending ridiculous amounts on furniture that they were going to use for no longer than two years seemed pointless. They attempted to find second-hand furniture online, without any success. It was only when they reached out to their friends  that they realized how many seniors were desperately trying to get rid of their furniture, many of whom were giving it out for free to prevent mover and storage costs.


Seeing this as an opportunity, they acted as middlemen, matching up graduating seniors who were moving out, with younger students who were moving in. They realized they were onto something, and that was the start of Dibind.